Natural resources Wales is a government-sponsored body and was founded primarily for the purpose of taking control of natural resources of Wales. It is an authority, which is responsible for managing all the natural resources of Welsh. It was formed by the merger of one or more authorities and commission, with an aim for a better and effective management of the resources of the region. It is also anticipated that the merger of the new body will lead to a saving of more than 158 million pounds. However, the recent case of selling of timber by NRW without going to open market has raised the question on its management and authority.

Regulatory responsibilities
NRW is responsible for managing and maintaining the level of natural resources within the country, in its duties includes, analyzing the current state of natural resources in the region, and how the same can be treated effectively. The action plan is also set by the NRW Board. The long-term social, cultural and environmental impact is looked into by this authority and its ecological surveyor teams.

Concerns over management
Politicians in Britain have asked various kinds of question regarding the importance and value that NRW providing to the country. The member of ruling political parties has gone on record to say, that they are considering breaking NRW into 2. Brexit has also given headroom to Welsh authorities for scraping out this oversized organization and creating a new one. It will be committed to taking care of the natural resources of the region. However, there are various counter-arguments as well that the organizations are not provided with adequate resources to perform its job in an effective manner. There was a major cut in the budget that is being provided to the organization by the government and this has affected it.

There are various decisions that were taken by the board of this organization, which has gone wrong and thus it has become a subject of criticism. Their decision of not going into the open market for selling timber has cost the taxpayers around 1 million pounds. This is a big amount and has outraged the politicians within parliament. The very existence of the organization has been questioned and its importance, as well as relevance in the current era, has to be revisited.

Thus, it can be said that Natural resources Wales has a lot of work to do for the purpose of lifting their reputation back in the market. It has caused various kinds of issues in the environmental sector and this is affecting the policies and procedures of the concerned sector. Hence, it is essential to make sure that right kind of policies are made to improve the functioning of NRW and the decisions taken by it, for not going into the open market for selling timber, shall be verified and questioned in an appropriate manner by the concerned authorities. There is also a need to make sure that proper regulators are set up for taking care that the decisions taken by these authorities are in best interest of the nation.

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